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All PS4 Video Game Releases for May 2017


All PS4 Video Game Releases for May 2017

Just in time for the summer drought.

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May 2017 PS4 Video Game Releases

(5/1 – 5/6)


May 2017 is the last wall before the dreaded summer drought, a time when major video game releases slow to a relative crawl as companies prepare for conferences and the holiday season. To help fans secure their libraries against the upcoming, slow feed, Sony’s home console is getting a lot of games this month full of tons of different options.

Kicking off the month is an atmospheric, first-person shooter from Bethesda and Arkane. Prey will have players explore and fight to survive Talos-I after a powerful alien race known as the Typhon wreak havoc across the space station.

Week one’s offerings:

  • May 5 – Prey
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