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All Confirmed Subclasses for Destiny 2


All Confirmed Subclasses for Destiny 2

What kind of Guardian will you be?


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The Titan will be stepping things up as the tank and vanguard of fireteams thanks to their increased defensive capabilities. Don’t worry about becoming nothing more than a shield, though, because Bungie made sure to make Destiny 2’s bulkiest class have all the same brute force that Guardians of the first game have come to appreciate. So far, two classes have been confirmed for the Titan.


The Sentinel is the embodiment of everything a Titan should be. It’s the void subclass in Destiny 2 and is defined by the shield you can summon that turns players into a hybrid of a juggernaut and Captain America. You’ll receive increased defense, powerful melee abilities, and a ricocheting shield. Take to the front-lines and bring the fight right to the face of any enemy that dares cross you.


The Striker is one of the returning subclasses in Destiny 2 that has received the most drastic change. Fist of Havoc is no longer a one and done super, instead turning your Guardian into a walking, electrified behemoth that can use ground slam or powerful shoulder charges. Destiny 2’s Striker Titans also maintain their defensive focus this time around thanks to an ability that allows players to summon a wall of light to create instant cover and stem the tide of aggressive enemies.

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