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5 Changes Destiny 2 Needs to Make to its Raids


5 Changes Destiny 2 Needs to Make to its Raids

Even some of the best content could use a few changes.

Looking For Group System

First up is something the Destiny community has had for a long time, but not something the game ever officially supported itself. It isn’t an easy feat to always have enough friends available to jump right into a raid and because of this, sites like DestinyLFG exist. However, while these sites definitely get the job done, it isn’t a built-in system to the game, meaning players have to jump through additional hoops just to have a raid-worthy group. If Destiny itself supported a system that allowed players to easily find one another for raids, or any other group-based activities, it would certainly add some much-needed quality of life to the game.

Now we aren’t looking for any sort of matchmaking system, because there is a whole lot of reasons as to why forcing random players to pair together for complex mechanics doesn’t work well. But a simple form of adding a party to an in-game list of Looking For Members would be a fantastic way to incentivize more players to hop into this great content. It could even allow parties to put restrictions on their posts such as “must have completed raid” or “must be certain light level.” This is honestly a system the first game should have had and many players have been asking for it since launch, so there really isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t be seeing it in Destiny 2.

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