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5 Actors Who Should Totally Play Geralt in the Netflix Series


5 Actors Who Should Totally Play Geralt in the Netflix Series

Who should be Geralt?

Mads Mikkelsen

mads mikkelsen geralt

After the usual names you hear throw around for these kind of tall, strong, menacing white male roles, such as Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth, Mads Mikkelsen is probably one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about who should play Geralt in the new Witcher Netflix show.

There is something about Scandinavian actors that just makes them look perfect for the role of Geralt. Maybe it is the chiseled jaw, long hair look, or it could be the Danish Viking descent. Either way, Mikkeklsen looks very much like the Witcher series’ protagonist – albeit slightly older. At 51, he may be on the wrong side of 50 for the role. Although Geralt is likely technically older, the Danish actor certainly looks older than him. How well he fits in the role would depend on the time setting the writers opt for. Mikkelsen also has a recent link to video game characters, with his bromance with Hideo Kojima being constantly in the limelight. Maybe another video game character role would interest him.

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