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Top 14 Most Popular Esports in the World Right Now


Top 14 Most Popular Esports in the World Right Now

Turning the sporting world upside down.

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7) Smite

Most Popular Esports in the World Right Now

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The popularity of the MOBA genre has seen the birth of slightly different takes on the gameplay formula made popular by established franchises such as Defense of the Ancients (DOTA).

Played from a third-person perspective rather than the isometric view, Smite has players right down in the action. Apart from being a very good game in its own right, perhaps that point of difference has helped it keep pace with other more conventional MOBA titles.

Smite regularly appears in the top 10 most watched games on Twitch and averages some of the largest prize pools of any game. Across just 85 tournaments,

Smite prize money totals $6.8 million, boosted by a 2015 and 2016 Smite World Championship that featured an impressive $3 million between them.

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