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10 Gaming Pet Peeves That Still Aggravate Players to This Day


10 Gaming Pet Peeves That Still Aggravate Players to This Day

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Unskippable Cutscenes

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Unskippable cutscenes come up in almost every conversation about gaming pet peeves. They aren’t annoying all the time, since they force you to experience the story in the way the developer intended and they can also save you from accidentally skipping a cutscene you wanted to see. However, not having the option to do so can be incredibly frustrating – especially so when a game has a terrible checkpoint system.

There aren’t many things that are as annoying in gaming as having to re-watch the same cutscene for the tenth time after being killed by the enemy that appears immediately after it. Unskippable cutscenes are also intrusive when you’re playing something that encourages multiple playthroughs or you’re attempting to get the platinum. You can end up wasting hours watching cutscenes you have already seen. Every game should give you the option to skip any cutscenes that aren’t vital to the story or those that have already been seen, if they are considered crucial.

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