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Which Persona Setting Should You Live In?


Which Persona Setting Should You Live In?

Choices, choices.

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Lunarvale – The  Mostly Average Every Day City

lunarvale persona

Lunarvale, also known as Mikage-cho, isn’t exactly the ideal living location, mostly because it spent some time being inhabited by demons. Other than that fact, Lunarvale from the first Persona is just your average every day city. It has all the amenities you might want including Mikage Hospital, St. Hermelin High School, and of course plenty of shopping at the Sun Mall. An ideal day here would be grabbing a bit at the Hamster Cafe, before heading out to see the gorgeous and vibrantly pink Agastya Tree situated in the south of town.

Lunarvale doesn’t quite measure up to the size of Tokyo, but it’s certainly decently sized with plenty of recreational areas and job opportunities. Really, Lunarvale is going to be the best choice for you if you want a quiet average life, with a chance of total insanity breaking out at some point. Build a nice life with a family in Lunarvale, but just keep in mind the city’s past. 

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