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What Do You Want Us to Ask Bungie About Destiny 2 Next Month?

Destiny 2 Officially Announced

What Do You Want Us to Ask Bungie About Destiny 2 Next Month?

Much excite.

Bungie finally let the cat out of the bag at the tail-end of last month when the studio officially announced Destiny 2. The trailer consisted of a rousing speech from Commander Zavala, and a rather amusing one from Cayde-6. Guardians all over the world were called to arms for the fight that awaits us all on Sept. 8, kicking off year 4 of the Destiny universe. One thing that was missing from the reveal, however, was the gameplay. Thankfully, the studio at least decided to give us a date for the official, worldwide reveal, and it’s set for May 18.

We’re excited to announce that Twinfinite will be attending the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere in Los Angeles. We’ll be there live, in person, as Bungie ushers in a brand-new experience before unleashing us Guardians upon the Cabal threat and whatever Darkness lies in wait for us this fall.

With that being said, we want to ask you, the readers, our fellow Guardians, what do you want us to ask Bungie? There’s a lot of information yet to be shared, and we know that while the reveal will shed light on quite a bit, there is still going to be so much more hidden in the shadows. It’s been a long wait for the sequel as we’ve triumphed over the Vex, Fallen, and Hive (and then the Fallen again), so fan curiosity is definitely at a high point right now.

Let us know what you’re most curious about, and we’ll do our best to bring it to the minds behind the growing universe.

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