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Vita Release For Shu Imminent, Upcoming DLC Detailed


Vita Release For Shu Imminent, Upcoming DLC Detailed

Complete with all new content, cutesy indie platformer Shu is almost ready to fit into your back pocket.


Speaking with Coatsink’s PR director Jack Sanderson at EGX Rezzed in London, Twinfinite has learned that side scrolling platformer Shu’s anticipated Vita release is finally on the horizon. Additionally, the promised free DLC is also on the way.

According to Sanderson, Shu has already once been submitted to Sony’s QA team for approval on Vita, and after working out some early teething trouble getting it to run on the handheld device, he feels confident it’s nearly ready to go. A firm release date was not disclosed, but the team let us know that it is a priority and would be available as soon as possible. There was a running build of Shu on Vita at the event that we were able to sample.

Shu is a 2.5D platforming game with a delightful art style and wonderfully fluid gameplay. Although it has been available for some time across PS4 and Steam, Shu’s short, fast-paced levels, packed with time trials and collectables always felt like a perfect fit for portable gaming.

The Vita release is confirmed as cross-buy and will feature some additional content, including a “trophy room”. The DLC release date has not yet been announced for PS4, but it will feature a new world with 6 stages and new companion combinations. The level we played at EGX was called “Flower Power”.


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