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The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017


The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017

You’ll want to save your money.

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Worst Games of Q1 2017

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In Vaccine you are finding a, you guessed it, vaccine for your friend who has been infected. With a timer on screen, you search through rooms to find weapons, items, and enemies to fight in order to level up and find that vaccine to save you pal.

Although it’s obvious the game is intentionally going for a low resolution, PlayStation era look to it, that doesn’t mean it works nor helps the game in any way. It attempts to mimic the original Resident Evil in both appearance and camera angles, but its tough to set yourself up for success when using a renowned title as an example over 20 years and three console generations later.

When you do find the vaccine, the game resets and places you back at the start with a shorter time limit. The rooms within the house are jumbled up, so you won’t take the same path as you did the first play through.

As time goes on and on, you’ll read the dreaded words “Despite all your efforts, your friend got sick again” every time you successfully bring back the vaccine. The shorter time limits forced at each play-through are meant to give it some replay value, but instead make it feel like a tedious and repetitive experience that abandons any chance for an intriguing story. Sure the house is rebuilt to form a different shape everytime, but the same assets are used.  Since their isn’t exactly a plethora of different types of enemies, it ends up never really feels fresh and thus drags on.

Vaccine released on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Wii U on Feb 20. To see what its gameplay looks like, here’s its release trailer from early February.

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