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The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017


The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017

You’ll want to save your money.

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Worst Games of Q1 2017

dying: reborn, q1

Dying: Reborn traps the player within a psycho’s house, encouraging you to escape by searching for objects to help you solve puzzles and escape with your life as the protagonist Mathew.

The voice acting is noticeably bad, with lackluster writing that even has numerous typos throughout. The puzzles often just filter down to find the solution, and execute it, such as finding a lock combination on a wall, and then entering the combo into the lock to proceed into the next room. These never truly feel like puzzles, more like a checklist that needs completion in order to advance.

In our review for Dying: Reborn we also bring up the flawed sound design, as “sounds will get cut off abruptly instead of blending with the rest of the mix, and frequently don’t pair with the subtitles offered on screen.” Frame-rate stutters and glitches were also present throughout, and along with all its other flaws this makes Dying: Reborn a game you can probably skip for early 2017.

Dying: Reborn released on PS4 and PSVR on Feb 28, and later for PS Vita on March 14, you can see a gameplay trailer here.

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