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The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017


The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017

You’ll want to save your money.


Worst Games of Q1 2017

troll and I, q1

Troll and I takes place in post-World War Two Scandinavia where a bounty has been placed on the head of a monstrous, but misunderstood Troll. A young hunter named Otto teams up with the Troll to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and hopefully save their home from those trying to destroy it.

The game’s focus is primarily on narrative, attempting to establish a friendship between Otto and the Troll as man and beast. The idea of befriending a beast isn’t a new one to video games, and Troll and I’s attempt to mimic that plot device feels lesser when compared to other games that do it successfully such as The Last Guardian.

Other hindrances include sub-par graphics, an extremely cumbersome crafting system, low frame rates, and an open world that makes climbing, running, and essentially just traversing it a bore. It plays very much like a PS2 era title, with a mediocre plot that isn’t able to make up for its other limitations.

Troll and I released in on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. For a closer look at the Troll, which you may not want, check out a trailer here.

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