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The Most Horrifying Things Sims Players Have Ever Done


The Most Horrifying Things Sims Players Have Ever Done

When playing God goes to your head!


Sims creator Will Wright once described his creation as a “virtual dollhouse”. It’s a perfect summary of what makes the Sims series so immensely popular – it is a game where adults get to play house in a digital environment, acting out the fantasies of their childhood in a more mature and graphic way. But not everyone likes to play fair. What happens when playing God goes to your head and get bored of adhering to what you are “supposed to do”?

The Sims can actually be a very dark game if you want it to be. Sure, you can live a happy, squeaky clean life vicariously through your characters… or you can torment your “dolls”, subjecting them to gruesome cruelties from the most twisted corner of your mind!

As it turns out, these sinful acts are more common that you might imagine among Sims players, who are more than happy to share their evil deeds. We’ve done some digging across the internet and reached out to our readers to share some of their heinous tales.


I made a guy who was a compulsive neat freak, put him in a really surreal little house with a wedding buffet and a hamster or something, and deleted the door. Eventually, he went insane from lack of cleanliness and depression over his little rodent friend dying. He then starved to death once the banquet rotted. I put the resulting

I put his urn in the same room and then repeated an identical scenario several times, always keeping the urns in the room. The tenth iteration of this guy is up all night, every night, terrified of a parade of ghosts of himself.”


“Sending a Sim with no handiness skill to fix a zapper.”



“One of my Sims had the desire to sleep with ten people. She had a husband who was an artist. He was always in his studio endlessly painting, he had a bed in there, he was completely dedicated. Every time she had a lover over I had him paint the scene in the bedroom. He never caught her as he rarely left his studio but all the time he was obliviously painting her infidelity. Obviously I hung these paintings all over the house.”


“I had a female sim start a relationship with male sims — invited them round 1-1 an locked them in wall/windows then made my sim watch as they die.”



“Reality hits her like a ton of bricks. She sinks to her knees and begins to cry. She cries until her sides ache until she feels like she can barely breathe. What happened here? Why is her whole family dead? Who did this? She continues to cry until realistically she should be out of tears, but they still keep coming.

Eventually, another feeling takes over; a rumbling in her stomach brings her away from her world of sorrow and back into the real world. She hasn’t eaten since yesterday; best get something quick, so she can resume her mourning. Unfortunately, she never learned how to cook. Not a problem, she’ll just order a pizza. She calls the delivery place, and they tell her the pizza will be there in 30 minutes. Great, she thinks, that gives me plenty of time to mourn.

But she became so engrossed in her mourning that she didn’t hear the doorbell ring when her pizza arrived half an hour later.

Hours pass and her pizza is left rotting on the front porch. Her hunger once again brings her out of her stupor, so she re-enters the house to order another pizza. They tell her 30 minutes. Great, she thinks, that gives me plenty of time to mourn.

Hours pass. Days pass. The cycle continues, and the ever-growing pile of rotten pizza in front of the brand new house is buzzing with flies.

Diane is still mourning. Her body is emaciated, her stomach is bloated and distended as she enters the final stage of starvation. She hangs up the phone. 30 minutes. I’ll have so much time to mourn, she thinks. So much time…
She crawls back outside to be with the graves of her family. She curls up next to her father’s grave, and the last breath leaves her body in a long, steady sigh. Her twig-like body is still, and disappears into the ether. Her grave stone appears right next to the others.

It’s true that I watched this all happen. I could have saved her. I could have broken the cycle. But like a documentary film crew following a lost lion cub, it was imperative I did nothing; for if we do not let nature take its course, how can we ever truly understand it?

… Okay so yeah, selling the pool ladder was my bad, but after that nature had to take its course.”


First I created a “perfect man” and six female archetypes. Then I built a home for them all to live in which consisted of a central chamber and six identical rooms with a two person bed, a nice painting, and a crib. Then I had him impregnate all of them. When the babies were born I used a cheat to make them all age to adulthood to see which of the offspring turned out the hottest and killed the rest.”


“I got a guy’s painting skill all the way up to the point where you could take screen shots and paint the screen shot. Then I would invite a person over, trap them, and at the time of their death rattle I would pause and my guy would take a screen-shot-paint. I had a secret dungeon room where I hung up all the paintings on display.”


“I had a scientist sim that traveled “back from the future” with a new daughter… that beither parent acknowledged as a family member. Sad times.”



I convinced my sim to eat his neighbor.

I invited a neighbor sim over and started arguing with him. I kept insulting him and fighting him until they hated each other’s guts. Kept it going until they were enemies. As the neighbor tried to leave I built a little shed around him with no exit and no amenities. Eventually the neighbor died of starvation. Death came and left an urn with his ashes.

Now, since my sim hated his neighbor, he smashed the urn on the ground and spilled the ashes all over. The sim then swept up the ashes and put it in the trash bin. I told the sim to compost the trash in the greenhouse. Then I used the compost to plant some tomatoes. A few days later the tomatoes were ripe and my sim ate then up for lunch.”


My ten year old brother is not allowed to play the sims anymore. He built a sims concentration camp. His attention to detail was very unsettling. Sims were packed into tiny rooms with only an easel. They’d paint to support the facility, and slept in their own excrement. When they would start to wear out, he’d have his “guards” take the prisoner to the crematorium to be burned.

We found his project when he was completing his breeding factory portion. He thought the whole thing was hilarious. Right down to the crematorium.

This spooked us quiet a bit.”



“The classical: Get them in a pool and remove the stairs.”



Killing Sims is (generally) too easy and vastly overdone. So one day I was an a mischievous mood so I decided to perform a ‘social experiment’. I built a very bland house. Basically a big square of unpainted walls without windows and only one door. Once I had the whole neighborhood trapped inside, I removed the only way out.

Inside the house there was one refrigerator (no starving to death allowed) and right in the center of the house, a single toilet. I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. Most did not want to.

Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. The whole neighborhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Many were standing in puddles. Woe betide them that fainted.”


I bought a giant mansion but made some modifications to it. By modifications I mean a room called ‘The Party Room’.

The party room had dance floors, plenty of food, music and a nice sports car parked in the middle. What could go wrong?

I threw a party and invited everyone I knew into it and called them into the room. Suddenly the doors shut and a nightmarish hell began.

All the stereos switched to that annoying kids music, the strobe lighting kicked in and the fireplaces were placed. The doors disappeared magically.

The sims weren’t allowed to leave the house. I had but three commandments: anyone who does not dance dies, anyone who tries to put out the fires dies and the last surviving member was allowed to live.

At least 30 Sims had to endure fire, starvation, piss-covered floors, strobe lighting, kids music, windows that pointed directly outside to freedom, ghosts and rotten food for about two weeks in-game. One by one the Sims were picked off through horrific torture.”


“Putting them in a tall building with no walls. Having them fix impossibly hard electrical problems they aren’t qualified for.”



I made a black widow: a female Sim who would marry men, and on the wedding day I would lock him up in the basement and basically starve him. Her secret cemetery/basement had like 20 urns. I didn’t even do it for the money (I would donate it all away, she had the ‘good’ trait so it would actually benefit her too). I never had her have sex with any of them either, she died a virgin after adopting a baby girl and then I repeated the entire cycle with her as well.”


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