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Will a New Star Fox Game Come to the Nintendo Switch?


Will a New Star Fox Game Come to the Nintendo Switch?

Developer of the original Star Fox would love a Switch game.

Dylan Cuthbert, one of the original developers behind Star Fox and its (unreleased) sequel Star Fox 2, participated in a AMA (Ask me Anything) today on Reddit. He’s been working at Q-Games for the past 15 years where him and his team have developed projects like the Pixeljunk series, StarFox 64 3DS, and The Tomorrow Children. He answers questions about his past and talks about wanting to make a game for the Nintendo Switch, “I would love to and I have a few quite original ideas to try out for that style of gaming, but we aren’t developing anything yet.”

Cuthbert admitted that would be quite fun to work on a Star Fox game for the Switch, if there was one to be made. “I’m sure Nintendo must be thinking about Star Fox for Switch but we aren’t involved in that (I must admit it would be fun to do though!).”

He didn’t want to delve into the topic of Platinum’s take on the series with Star Fox Zero for the Wii U too much, but he says “I can’t really comment on other developer’s games. I think Platinum did the best they could within the restraints they had. There were some fun experiments in there that I’d like to see expanded in future titles.”

What would you guys like to see in a brand-new Star Fox game? Did you like Star Fox Zero? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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