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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Change Sniper Scope Elevation


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Change Sniper Scope Elevation


Precise headshots are a key element of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. They allow you to take enemies out quickly and quietly and the cinematic slow-motion kills are thrilling.

Pulling them off isn’t that easy, however, especially on higher difficulty levels. To get the best kills, you need to keep an eye on the wind speed and the distance between you and the enemy, adapting your approach to both. Once you have worked out how far away an enemy is, you need to change to elevation of your sniper’s scope. It matches your sniper with a particular distance – in intervals of 50 up to 400 meters.

To change the sniper scope elevation you need to aim with the left trigger and press right on the d-pad to increase the elevation, or left on the d-pad to decrease it.

You can also press up on the d-pad while aiming down the scope to zoom in and get a clearer view of the enemy. Zooming in and changing the scope elevation makes it much easier to get the perfect headshot and rack up that XP.

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