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Snake Pass: How to Save Your Game


Snake Pass: How to Save Your Game

How to Save in Snake Pass

Snake Pass, the puzzle platformer that gives you full control of a snake, is out now and some of the levels can be challenging. However, the saving and checkpoint system can be frustrating.

While playing, you will repeatedly encounter difficult areas that you will fail to pass for at least a few attempts – here is where you need the checkpoints to help you. The checkpoints are the patterned triangles on the ground that are activated by slithering over them. The next time you die, you will respawn at the most recently activated checkpoint, losing all your progress since then. There is often only a few checkpoints in each level, so it can be frustrating to repeat the same areas multiple times.

There is no other way of saving your progress in a level and you cannot leave a level you have not finished, without having to replay the whole thing. Therefore, ensure that you finish a whole level before quitting a game because the in-level checkpoints do not save your progress outside of that level.

That means finishing the level and returning to the main menu is the only surefire way of saving your progress in Snake Pass.

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