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Skyforge: How to Get Mounts


Skyforge: How to Get Mounts

How to Get Mounts – Skyforge

Skyforge recently came to PlayStation 4, after being on PC for a couple of years. Mounts, known as Transports in Skyforge, are an important part of the game and getting them is quite simple.

You receive mounts in a couple of ways. The first way is via unlockable rewards for reaching certain points in the campaign. The only other way is to buy them using real world money because you cannot buy them in game as of yet.

Once you have unlocked or purchased mounts, you equip them by going into the mount area of the pause menu and selecting your active one. You will need to keep in mind that some of them are on timers and can only be used for a specific duration each time, or over the course of your entire playthrough.

To summon your mount you simply press down on the d-pad and pressing it again will make it disappear. Getting attacked, or attacking an enemy will also make your mount disappear. To get your mount back again you need to return to the menu and go through the same steps as before.

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