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9 Reasons Why Overwatch Has Succeeded The Way It Has


9 Reasons Why Overwatch Has Succeeded The Way It Has

This hype train never dies.

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Gameplay Never Gets Old

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Playing a game of Overwatch just never really feels the same way twice and that’s exactly what leaves you trapped for hours. A different map, a different set of players, and a different team composition is all it takes to drop you in the middle of a game that forces you to approach things differently. Throw in character buffs and nerfs, trying to master pro-tips, attempts to learn new heroes, changes to old maps, introductions of new maps and game modes, and it becomes glaringly obvious that it’s going to take a whole lot of Overwatch playing for the gameplay to ever really feel old. Longevity and replay value are key elements of most successful games and this is one team-based shooter that scores some pretty high marks in that regard.

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