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9 Reasons Games That Succeed, Do


9 Reasons Games That Succeed, Do

It ain’t easy

Engaging Gameplay

bloodborne ludwig

This is perhaps the most obvious key to success for any game. A game can be absolutely stunning with a host of colorful characters and a soundtrack so moving that it would easily bring the average consumer to tears. All that means nothing, however, if playing the game is boring or so monotonous that playing for more than 15 minutes feels like a chore. The interactive element of video games is exactly what sets them apart from other forms of entertainment media. Without being able to make decisions, control outcomes and attempt to overcome challenges, a video game would be little more than an animated movie. For that very reason, it’s important that those elements are not only present in the game but they are treated with a particular level of care and attention to detail.

Sure, you may hear people gripe about how many times they’ve died playing Bloodborne and asked yourself why they keep subjecting themselves to such stress. You might even be wondering why the Destiny community has remained so loyally devoted to the game even after accusations that Bungie made selfish cash grabs through its DLCs. The answer is simple. At the end of the day, both of these games boast incredibly engaging gameplay that make it hard to put the controller down.

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