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Persona 5’s Excellent Soundtrack is Going Vinyl

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Persona 5’s Excellent Soundtrack is Going Vinyl

*record scratch*

Last week, Atlus released the soundtrack to their JRPG high school success, Persona 5. While you can pick it up on iTunes, bringing albums to vinyl is still happening, and that extends to this as well. The publishers are teaming up with iam8bit to release it in two versions: the essential version, which contains the most popular music from the soundtrack and tracks curated by the Atlus Sound Team; and the deluxe edition, which features the game’s full, 110-song soundtrack.

Both versions of the Persona 5 vinyl will come with “quality box sets,” but Atlus hasn’t revealed the packaging for either quite yet. However, they did say that it’ll come from a “top secret artist” and is a collaboration between the developers, the mystery artist, and SEGA. The soundtrack will arrive towards the end of the year, but you can go ahead and pre-order right here. Atlus plans on providing more insight into the process of making a record each month until the album releases.

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