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Persona 5: Where to Find Makoto


Persona 5: Where to Find Makoto

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Finding Makoto in Persona 5

Makoto is one of the Confidants you can spend time with in Persona 5. She’s one of the party members you can recruit as well, and she’ll only be available after you’ve completed the game’s third Palace and met the deadline. After that, you’ll be able to start spending time with her. However, do note that you need to be at least rank 3 in Knowledge before she’ll even consider going out with you. Once those requirements are out of the way, you can start the Priestess Confidant.

Makoto can usually be found standing outside the Student Council Room, which is located next to the Library on the third floor. She’ll always be found here during school days. During holidays or other events when there’s no school, you can usually find her outside the school’s main gate. Every so often, Makoto herself will send you a text message, inviting you to go out and spend time. You can accept her invitation straight from here if you don’t want to search for her. Remember to bring a Persona of the Priestess arcana to increase the number of points you can earn with her, too.

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