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Persona 5 Plant Guide: How to Take Care of It


Persona 5 Plant Guide: How to Take Care of It

How to Take Care of the Plant in Persona 5

Being a thief and student can be rather time-consuming in Persona 5, however, if you are looking to rank up your Kindness stat without devoting an activity to it then consider taking care of your plant. This item will be unlocked once Morgana decides to live with you, however, he will request that you clean up your room first. Once you finish this task, there will be a little plant in the corner of the room which can be taken care of throughout the rest of the game. In order to actually keep this plant alive you will need to buy food and water it every few days to make sure it stays alive.

Thankfully, doing so won’t break the bank as the plant food is relatively cheap and can be found in a variety of stores scattered throughout Tokyo. Taking care of this plant with slowly boost your Kindness Stat which is incredibly useful for more social activities like cultivating the various confidants scattered throughout this game. Since this activity takes no time at all and can be done at any point in the day, it’s something that a player shouldn’t miss out on. Gaining free stat increases is rare in this title, so don’t miss this opportunity, after all it’s not like it will eat you or anything, right?

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