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Persona 5: How to Craft All Infiltration Tools


Persona 5: How to Craft All Infiltration Tools

How to Craft All Infiltration Tools in Persona 5

One of the main objectives in Persona 5 is exploring Palaces and Mementos dungeons, both to forward the story and grind for experience. Sticking with the Phantom Thieves theme, Persona 5 has you infiltrating these areas and trying to catch enemies by surprise. One option you have on your missions is to use Infiltration Tools, which can be useful for a variety of situations. Some can be used in combat, while others are helpful while exploring dungeons. In order to craft any Infiltration Tools, you will need the required supplies, which you’ll be able to stock up on by purchasing from shops around the city.

To craft Infiltration Tools, you’ll want to use the workbench in your room at night by talking with Morgana. Crafting will also raise your proficiency skill. However, some of the tools may not be available to craft until you obtain the “Ace Tools” skill. Another option you have is leveling up the Temperance Confidant, which at level 7 will unlock Super Housework Agent. This well let the confidant craft Infiltration Tools in your stead. Below, you’ll see what materials you need to craft each tool, and what effect it has.

Combat Infiltration Tools

  • Vanish Ball – Thick Parchment x1, Plant Balm x1 – Allows you to instantly escape from battle.
  • Spotlight – Thick Parchment x2, Cork Bark x2, Silk Yarn x1 – Makes the protagonist more likely to be targeted by enemies.
  • Limelight – Condenser Lens x4, Aluminum Sheet x2, Tanned Leather x4 – Make an ally more likely to be targeted by enemies.
  • Element Set – Tin Clasp x3, Iron Sand x3, Cork Bark x3 – Rewards you with a Flame Bottle, Frozen Spray, Air Cannon and Stun Gun for elemental attacks.
  • Forces Set – Silk Yarn x3, Iron Sand x3, Condenser Lens x3 – Gives you a Psychobomb, Atom Bomb, Happy Bomb, and Nuclear Bomb.
  • Megido Bomb – Tanned Leather x4, Red Phosphorus x3, Liquid Mercury x2 – Ignores all elemental attributes and causes 100 damage to enemies.

Exploration Infiltration Tools

  • Lockpick – Silk Yarn x1, Tin Clasp x1 – Opens a locked chest.
  • Eternal Lockpick – Aluminum Sheet x20, Liquid Mercury x10 – Infinite use lockpick .
  • Stealthanol – Plant Balm x2 – Reduces enemy detection rate by 10%.
  • Convertizer – Plant Balm x2, Cork Bark x2 – Reduces enemy detection rate by 30%.
  • Goho-M – Plant Balm x1, Silk Yarn x1 – Instantly lets you escape from a dungeon.
  • Smokescreen – Thicker Parchment x2, Plant Balm x2 – Completely avoid enemy detection for 30 seconds.
  • Hypno Mist – Silk Yarn x3, Plant Balm x1, Iron Sand x3 – Put nearby enemies to sleep.
  • Reserve Ammo – Iron Sand x10, Aluminum Sheet x10, Red Phosphorous x10 – Replenishes your gun ammo.
  • Treasure Trap – Silk Yarn x2, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x1 – Increases the chances you’ll encounter a Treasure Demon.

Make sure to take full advantage of Persona 5’s Infiltration Tools to help give yourself that extra edge. For more help, tips, and guides on Persona 5, make sure to check out our wiki.

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