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Persona 5: How to Change English and Japanese Voices


Persona 5: How to Change English and Japanese Voices

Options are always good.

English and Japanese Voices in Persona 5

While Persona 5 does have a pretty convincing English cast, you can play through the game with Japanese voices if you’d prefer that instead. First, you need to download the Dual Audio Track DLC from the PlayStation Store. You can do this through the PS Store app on your PS4, or just access it through your web browser. The Dual Audio Track DLC is only 2.9GB, so you should be able to download and install it pretty quickly.

After that, simply boot up your game and hit up the main menu. From here, access the System option and the Config menu. This is where you get to adjust your game settings including the difficulty, camera controls, and voices for the dialogue. Just switch the voices to Japanese, and you’ll be good to go. If you find yourself not really being a fan of the Japanese dialogue, you can always hop back into the Config menu and change the voices right back to English.

Which language do you prefer playing in? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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