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Persona 5: Golden Ratio Question’s Answer


Persona 5: Golden Ratio Question’s Answer


While playing Persona 5, you will be given a number of responsibilities. You must stay out of trouble, help save the world by stealing hearts, and, most importantly, attend school. While you do not do much during most school days, every now and then your teacher will ask you a question. Answering it correctly improves your Knowledge Social Stat, as well as earning you a bit of respect from your peers (who are terrified after hearing rumors about your criminal record). Many of the questions are straight forward, and anyone who has been to school themselves will know the answer without researching it, but every now and then a question pops up that is pretty difficult, like the Golden Ratio question.

This question is asked on 5/21, and the teacher explains to everyone what the Golden Ratio is before asking the protagonist to say what the Japanese equivalent is. The answer is The Silver Ratio. It is completely understandable if you did not already know the answer to that question, so use it to surprise the teacher gain some extra respect from the other students in your class.

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