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MLB The Show 17: How to Get Called Up in RTTS


MLB The Show 17: How to Get Called Up in RTTS

MLB The Show 17: How to Get Called Up in RTTS

Tip 1: Create Your Player the Right Way

If you’re here, you’re probably struggling with how to get your player promoted as to the big leagues as quickly as possible in MLB The Show 17’s Road to the Show (RTTS) game mode. Before we dive into a few tips for getting called up as quickly as possible, know that it can be a bit random and even if you utilize these tips, you still might have a hard time. Complicating things a bit more than usual is the new Pave Your Path RPG that is intertwined with RTTS.

Still though, eventually you will get called up provided you aren’t trying to actively sabotage your player’s career on purpose. That said, there are some ways to potentially speed up the process.

If your goal is major leagues or bust as soon as humanely possible, ensure that you’re setting yourself up to that before you even start playing games. Pick a position that’s in high demand and land yourself on a team that desperately needs that position. There are three outfield positions so that’s a possibility. Everyone needs a handful of starters and relief pitchers, so that could be a good place to start as well. Being something niche where a team would only carry one or two of, for example a Catcher, could make things unnecessarily harder.

Also, know what kind of player you want to be before you lock in your initial stat distribution. Don’t allocate all your initial points into power, and then change your mind and decide you want to be a speedster instead. Otherwise, you’ll slow yourself down as you’ll have to waste training points repairing that mistake later on instead of investing into something you’re already good at and making it major league quality. Note that depending on what position you pick, you’re going to have different base stats, so make sure to factor that into your final decision.

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