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Prepare to Suit Up as Your Favorite Character When Marvel Heroes Makes Its Way to Consoles

Marvel Heroes Omega

Prepare to Suit Up as Your Favorite Character When Marvel Heroes Makes Its Way to Consoles


While we’re already a third of the way into the new year, PC players still have to deal with the 2016 tagline for Marvel Heroes. After confirming a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release for the now 4-year-old game, Gazillion Entertainment also revealed an updated name for console players: Marvel Heroes Omega.

Marvel Heroes is an action RPG, with a focus on grinding for gear and instanced areas, in the same vein as games like Diablo or Path of Exile. What makes the game stand out is that it features existing Marvel characters, instead of prompting you to create your own original character. While the PC version has dozens of characters, each with their own unique playstyles, the Marvel Heroes Omega will only have 38 characters available at launch. Gazillion has stated that the smaller launch roster and content is so that they can focus on perfecting what they do put out initially.

Marvel Heroes notably features characters outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like the X-Men and Fantastic Four who have been notable absent from a lot of recent Marvel games like Future Fight. It’s a fantastic title for both hardcore and casual Marvel fans.

This naturally means crossplay won’t be an option between PC and console, nor will account transfer be available. While this may come as a blown to native PC players, take it as a chance to start from scratch with a brand new community.

While a closed beta for PlayStation 4 has been announced as “coming soon” with an open beta sometime this spring, no details have been given for the Xbox One. This does seem to be good news, as Gazillion seems quite set on bringing and maintaining a smooth console experience instead of a lazy port. For anyone interested in the full Omega Q&A, click here.


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