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Is Persona 5 For You? Answer These Questions and Find Out


Is Persona 5 For You? Answer These Questions and Find Out

Is it the experience for you?

Do You Enjoy Anime?

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One of the very first things you’ll notice about Persona 5 is its unique sense of style. The series has always taken direct inspirations from anime, and the newest entry is no different. It goes without saying that if anime isn’t really your thing, Persona 5 might not be the best game for you. The anime style obviously applies to the game’s aesthetic, and the animation of Persona 5 is absolutely stunning. Menus flow together seamlessly, and there’s a kind of fluidity to movement in the game that’s rare to see. It’s also important to keep in mind, however, that Persona’s anime inspirations also apply to the story.

Many of the characters and storylines in Persona 5 are based around traditional anime tropes, with the most obvious being that the main cast is entirely made up of troubled teenagers. Don’t get too worried, however, as the Persona series has always made smart use of its anime tropes. The series, including Persona 5, uses these kinds of tropes to build up a typical teenage anime story, before turning them on their heads for emotional impact. Despite this, if you have trouble getting through anime, you’ll probably have trouble sitting through the slower elements of Persona 5.  Juts keep that in mind before you pick the game up.

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