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Mobile MOBA Title Heroes Arena Available Worldwide For Now

Heroes Arena

Mobile MOBA Title Heroes Arena Available Worldwide For Now

MOBA on the go.

You’ve probably caught glimpses of Heroes Arena. Whether it’s an ad on one of your favorite sites or a facebook friend sharing their result screen, Heroes Arena does seem to be setting itself up to be a pretty popular handheld MOBA.

And today, the game will be even more widespread. The app from publisher uCool has launched worldwide and is now available on iOS after being available only on Android. Heroes Arena features 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5, the main form of competition. Like all MOBA titles, players are split into teams, killing minions and enemies for gold to buy items. The game ends when one base is destroyed. The game uses a digital analog stick for movement with character abilities listed as touchable icons.

What most League of Legends players will notice, however, is that the map will look awfully familiar. It is nearly an exact copy of Summoner’s Rift. Upon closer examination, many noticeable similarities to the MOBA giant also occur. Take for example, Heroes Arena’s newest champion, Gildas. While seemingly a generic fantasy character at first glance, watching the character in action makes it very obvious who he is a copy of. Using a boomerang-like weapon, Gildas’ first skill is a boomerang toss, a skill that allows for his weapon to ricochet against enemies, and an ultimate skill that allows him to run faster. This is nearly a carbon copy of League of Legend’s Sivir.

While Riot Games hasn’t spoken out as of yet, this is not the first time uCool has landed themselves into some copyright issues. Several years ago, Chinese developers Lillith Games sued uCool over releasing a game, Heroes Charge, that was nearly an identical clone of their game, Soul Clash. To make matters worse, not only were the games similar, a lot of the art assets were nearly identical. Blizzard then sued Lillith games (later dismissed) for using Warcraft characters in their game without permission, forming a hilarious three-way lawsuit.

This is not to say that Heroes Arena doesn’t have its own unique characters, however. Give it a spin and see for yourself.

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