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13 Gaming April Fool’s Jokes That Ruined Our Lives


13 Gaming April Fool’s Jokes That Ruined Our Lives

These jokes still sting a little

Wind Waker Remake

wind waker april fools

Electronic Gaming Monthly had a reputation for delivering the goods for April Fool’s day and their 2005 April Fool’s joke was definitely one of their best. In fact, it was a bit too good for our feeble Link-loving hearts. The April issue of EGM reported that if gamers put at least $10 towards their pre-order for the upcoming Legend of Zelda game for GameCube, they would also receive a completely new version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The new version would replace the game’s cell shaded visuals with more realistic graphics. Wind Waker was already a beautiful game but having the opportunity to see the game redesigned in a new way was just an incredibly exciting proposition. The April issue even came complete with a rather convincing screenshot. Unfortunately, it was all a clever ruse and we were all left with crushed dreams.

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