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Top 3 Easiest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of March 2017


Top 3 Easiest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of March 2017

Keep adding to that trophy collection.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3

walking dead: a new frontier

Another month passes us by and Telltale Games has treated fans to episode three of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Following the turbulent events of the double episode premiere back in December, episode three continues to follow Javi, Kate, Clementine, and the rest as they begin to uncover a little more about the New Frontier.

As is standard with Telltale Games’ episodic games now, episode three has six trophies up for grabs – three bronze, two silver, and a gold. Even better, all you have to do is complete each of the episode’s six chapters to unlock them. You don’t need to worry about making certain decisions or keeping people alive. Just play through the game however you like and make whatever decisions you want to along the way. Simply play through all five of A New Frontier’s episodes and you’ll grab yourself a shiny new Platinum trophy, too. Telltale Games really knows how to keep trophy hunters happy.

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