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7 Cute Ways to Ask a Gamer to Prom


7 Cute Ways to Ask a Gamer to Prom

Get them away from their games for a night.

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that when you wanted to take someone to prom, you just awkwardly asked them in the hallway or slipped them a detailed drawing of their face Napoleon Dynamite-style. Nowadays, elaborate #promposals have taken over the internet with teens coming up with insanely creative ways to ask their high school sweethearts to what will undoubtably be the most important night of their lives.

With schemes like stuffing 500 ping pong balls into their locker or playing the fiddle in front of the whole school during lunch, it’s hard to seem original when others are putting so much effort into asking a simple yes or no question. If your SO happens to be a gamer, then have no fear, as we have accumulated a collection of the cutest ways to ask a gamer to prom that are guaranteed to make them say yes… hopefully.

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