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The 4 Best RPGs of Q1 2017


The 4 Best RPGs of Q1 2017

2017’s off to a great start with role-playing goodness.

Nier: Automata

Best RPGs of Q1 2017


There has not been a game in a long while that has been able to blend together as captivating a story with the raw fun of a fast-paced combat system as well as Nier: Automata. Being the second to the Nier title, but from the exceedingly complicated Drakengard timeline, Automata manages to create a unique adventure that equally welcomes both fans of the original and newcomers to the series.

In Nier: Automata, the player takes control of the two main characters, 2B and 9S, who’re androids part of an organization created by humans after alien-built machines attacked Earth and forced the entire remaining human population to abandon the planet and take refuge on the Moon. It’s up to our characters and the rest of the android YoRHa units to rid the world of the machine lifeform menace and once again make it safe for humanity. Of course, the game’s open-world is chock-full of side quests and things to discover too, which are easily as crazy as it’s main story.

As an action RPG, the game boasts a full range of equip-able weapons, each with unique attributes and the ability to be upgraded, as well as powerful ways to upgrade your character through slotting in Plug-in Chips that range from boosting basic melee attack to adding enemy health to your HUD. Similar to the original as well, each character has a Pod companion which enables you to fire ranged-attacks and use powerful, high damage skills.

Automata’s hauntingly beautiful post-human world overrun by pseudo-sentient machines paired with its absolutely stunning soundtrack makes for an incredibly special experience that’s not only fun to play, but also explores the nature of consciousness and self-awareness in the way almost no other game has ever accomplished.

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