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Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein, a New Dungeon-Exploring RPG From God Eater Devs

code vein

Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein, a New Dungeon-Exploring RPG From God Eater Devs

Prepare to dine.

Late last week, Bandai Namco shared a short teaser video with the tagline “prepare to dine,” leaving many to wonder just what the company had in store. Today, in the latest issue of Famitsu the tease was officially unveiled as Code Vein, a new dungeon-exploration RPG from the God Eater studio. Thanks to Hachima, and Gematsu for the translation.

Code Vein takes place in a ruined world where you play as a “Revenant,” powerful vampires who have supernatural abilities, and try to seek out the truth of the world. The game is being described as a “dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG.” Revenants have lost most of their memories, but continue to survive by being part of a small company known as “Vein.” If Revenants go through blood deficiency, they turn into a monster known as “Lost.”

An integral aspect of Code Vein is something called the “Buddy System,” which lets you take one ally with you to explore dungeons. In addition Revenants can equip a wide range of melee weapons including great swords, hammers, and spears. Here are a couple of key terms for the title,

Blood Veil – A piece of Revenant equipment that sucks up the blood of the lost. When being used it takes the form of clothing or armor. It uses a mechanism to suck up blood, and there’s a change in the user’s mask while doing so.

Tempered Blood – An action triggered by sucking up the blood of the Lost with the Blood Veil. There are a number of variations like strengthening yourself, weakening enemies, or using attacks.

Code Vein is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2018, although Bandai Namco hasn’t announced which systems or regions it could be coming to. The game is currently 35 percent complete, and a reveal trailer is planned for the near future. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any new info for the title, and make sure to watch the teaser trailer down below.

What do you think of Code Vein? Have you played any of the God Eater games? Let us know in the comments below.


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