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6 Games That Prove 2017 is Already the Strongest in Years


6 Games That Prove 2017 is Already the Strongest in Years

Four months in and it’s already one for the scrapbook.

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nioh cover

Nioh puts a fresh spin on a gameplay formula heavily inspired by the Souls series. More than just a “Souls clone,” Nioh stands apart by meshing together a creepy feudal Japan setting with contemporary Yokai-style monster enemies. Add to the mix some brutally difficult but sumptuous-to-handle gameplay, and Nioh feels every bit as accomplished as the franchise from which it takes inspiration. In fact, we’d argue that its faster paced, more arcade-like combat feels more exciting.

Nioh stands right beside Bloodborne as PS4’s definitive hard-as-nails action RPG.

NieR: Automata


NieR has risen from the ashes of poorly rated preceding title and stunned us all with the superb NieR: Automata. The title has been a revelation, a breath of fresh air that has not only reinvigorated the NieR series but arguably the entire games industry. There hasn’t been anything this fast-paced, frenetic, and varied in combat for years – combining hack and slash action, side scrolling, and role playing in one sublime mashup.

It is this coming together of different elements that keeps NieR feeling fresh throughout. In similar fashion, the game’s rocking score and excellent sound design also combine wonderfully to create a funky, unique ambience to the game. Add in a flamboyant but unforgettable story and a cast of engaging characters, and the sum of NieR’s parts come together to produce an absolutely must-play gaming experience.

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