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5 Final Fantasy Spinoffs That Deserve More Love


5 Final Fantasy Spinoffs That Deserve More Love

The forgotten adventures.


Taking place in the world of Crystal Chronicles, Crystal Bearers features a ragtag group of misfits that must fight against enemies that threaten civilization itself. Crystal Bearers released on the Nintendo Wii back in 2009 and was planned to be this huge RPG but sort of ended up being more of an action-adventure game, which wasn’t a bad thing.

Crystal Bearers goes against your typical Final Fantasy combat but still features the same lovable monsters that you’re used to, like the Cactuar and Moogle. Gameplay revolves around using Layle’s telekinesis power to pick up enemies and objects to then throw them using the Wii’s motion controls. It wasn’t as annoying as you would think because it turned out to be insanely fun and satisfying. You can grab ledges and activate switches from far away by just pointing at the screen and choosing your target. No party system or leveling up is found in Crystal Bearers either, you can increase Layle’s stats by equipping accessories found throughout the world and by completing missions to raise his health.

Being the last title that was part of Square Enix’s Crystal Chronicles sub-franchise, Crystal Bearers was a fantastic title on the Nintendo Wii and has become one of the most underappreciated Final Fantasy games. The fun-filled, mature, and cinematic story is one that shouldn’t be missed.

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