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15 of the Best Original Soundtracks in Games


15 of the Best Original Soundtracks in Games

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Final Fantasy VII


The Final Fantasy series is one of the most beloved gaming franchises around and it’s not hard to see why. The games (for the most part) are synonymous with quality and the rich worlds and characters they hold stay with us long after the credits have rolled. Given how many great games the series has seen, it shows how great VII is when most consider that to be the best game in the series. Despite technical limitations, Final Fantasy VII was hailed by critics as one of the best games ever made and highlights include its excellent story, great combat system, and of course its music.

The music for VII was arranged, composed, and produced by Nobuo Uematsu who had worked on the previous six installments. He originally wanted to take full advantage of the game’s CD release with high quality sound. Upon doing so he found this caused lengthy loading times and so instead used the PlayStation’s internal sound sequencer to create the game’s music. Uematsue began working on songs that reflected the mood of the game and ended up creating One-Winged Angel, a song which went on to become his most popular contribution to the series’ music.

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