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The 10 Fastest Selling Home Consoles Of All Time


The 10 Fastest Selling Home Consoles Of All Time

A need for sales speed.

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2) Xbox One – 1 million units sold in 24 hours (worldwide)


There have been countless headlines touting the Xbox One playing second fiddle to the PS4 this generation, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the console has not been an immense success. The Xbox One smashed through 1 million consoles sold in 24 hours, and 2 million 17 days later. These figures, however, are global, but when one considers the sheer speed with which the console achieved them, we can effectively deduce it sold better than other contenders featured on this list. By our seven day calculations that equates to a whopping 7 million units sold over a single week!

Notably, unlike the PS4, the Xbox One did not have a foothold in the eastern market, meaning that the vast majority of its sales are based on the North American and European regions.

1) PlayStation 4 – 1 million units sold in 24 hours

ps4 playstation 4, 4.5 update

With both Sony and Microsoft making identical claims over commercial sales, NPD confirmed that it was Sony who recorded more sales in the US. The PS4’s 1 million in 24 hours was achieved in a single territory, making it all the more impressive and suggesting the console’s nascent global performance is likely more significant than the Xbox One. Just two weeks later – and days before Microsoft made similar claims – Sony confirmed the console had passed 2 million worldwide.

With over 50 million units now sold, the PS4 is currently tracking similarly to sales of the PS2 across the same time, and the console could be destined to overtake it as the best-selling of all time if its current pace continues.

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