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Zelda Breath of the Wild World Size: How Long it Takes To Run Across the Map


Zelda Breath of the Wild World Size: How Long it Takes To Run Across the Map

Breath of the Wild World Size

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild boasts the most open world the franchise has ever known. Along with that ability to go anywhere, anytime is a massive map, one that spans over high mountaintops, through scorching deserts, and across over 100 shrine locations. So how exactly big is the Breath of the Wild map?

Arekkz Gaming set out to answer that question by running all the way across it. He traveled from the southern-most point of the map to the most northern, taking 28 minutes and 19 seconds to complete the journey. It’s important to note that the route does involve some mountain climbing, as well as small detours to avoid impassable enemies. This was all done just pushing the left thumb stick all the way forward, with no use of the game’s sprint button at any time.

However, the map is larger east to west. Arekkz Gaming extrapolated the distance from the overworld map, and calculated it should take roughly 33 minutes and 25 seconds to cross the map horizontally. You can watch him explain the whole process in the video below.

That should give you some idea of just how massive Breath of the Wild’s world size is. Let us know if you’re enjoying the wide-open area, and for more, be sure to check out our ever-growing wiki for the game.

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