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5 Ways to Prepare for Destiny: Age of Triumph


5 Ways to Prepare for Destiny: Age of Triumph

Eyes up Guardian.

Get to Light Level 400


One of the most important items you will want to check off before Destiny’s Age of Triumph release is to make sure you have at least one hero at Light Level 400. Since Bungie will not be raising the Light Level with this new live event, reaching this cap should be a priority for any existing, new, or returning player. Make no mistake, these will be some of the hardest challenges that Destiny is going to offer so you’ll want every advantage possible. While this new content, specifically the updated raids, won’t be a recommended light of 400, it’s still best to be that high.

This is not only due to your character having increased survivability and DPS (damage per second) output, but that many ‘looking for game’ sites typically ask players to be max light. You won’t be gated off for being in the 390s, but try to run Nightfall strikes, Crucible matches, and finish off faction packages to get the highest level loot. You might also want to consider at least getting all three of the classes to their max level (40) so you can complete the various Record Book entries pertaining to the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock respectively.

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