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Top 10 Best February 2017 Games, According to Metacritic


Top 10 Best February 2017 Games, According to Metacritic

A great month.

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For Honor – Metacritic Score: 78 (Average)

For Honor e3

For Honor gives players the chance to choose between the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai as the faction they will fight for. In the competitive multiplayer-focused title, players take each other on in duels, or larger fights, to determine which faction comes out on top each in-game season.

The main strength of For Honor is its deep combat system that requires precision, timing, and constant attention. You need to block, parry and attack, all whilst keeping an eye on what is going on around you and the overall objective. The multiplayer is well balanced and the stunning visuals carry over from the robust single player. Some critics had issues with the unreliable servers and unfair nature of some mismatched battles, but the reception of Ubiosft’s game was largely positive. You can read our review here.

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