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The Walking Dead A New Frontier: What Happened to Baby AJ?


The Walking Dead A New Frontier: What Happened to Baby AJ?

What Happened to Baby AJ in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, especially regarding baby AJ. If you want to enjoy the game spoiler-free, we advise you turn back now.

At the end of The Walking Dead: Season 2, regardless of what choices you made, Clementine will have found herself looking after baby AJ. Of course, this then led to many fans wondering exactly what the fate of baby AJ was, and whether they’d find out in A New Frontier. Well, here’s what we know so far.

If you ended up with Kenny or Jane, unfortunately, they really don’t make it too far in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Jane takes her own life after discovering she’s pregnant, and Kenny sacrifices himself following a nasty car accident when teaching Clementine to drive.

For those of you who saw Clem and AJ in Wellington at the end of Season 2, everything is great until the settlement comes under attack. Edith rushes in to take Clem and AJ to safety, carrying the baby herself. Unfortunately, she’s shot dead when fleeing, forcing Clementine to carry AJ to safety.

As such, Clementine and baby AJ were left to fend for themselves. In A New Frontier’s Ties That Bind Part II, Clementine recalls when she first met the New Frontier. Desperately trying to flee a pack of Walkers through a forest, she finds a small house that she takes refuge in. She lays down AJ who begins crying as Walkers swarm the doors and windows of the house. Just as it begins looking bleak for Clem and baby AJ, a woman starts banging on the door asking to be let in. She kicks the door down and tries to shut it as well as she can… what with it being off the hinges and all. Despite being cautious of this stranger, Clementine and the woman work together to barricade the door.

As the Walkers subside, the woman identifies herself as Ava (David’s right-hand woman in the New Frontier) and shows her mark of the New Frontier on her arm. She asks Clementine what happened to AJ’s parents, as she doesn’t believe Clem is old enough to be his mother. After telling the rather saddening tale about the fates of both Rebecca and Alvin Senior, Ava offers Clementine the opportunity to join the New Frontier. It’d ensure both she and Alvin would have the food and any medication they need to survive, too. The player is given the choice whether to accept or decline the offer here.

In episode three of A New Frontier, however, we find out a little bit more. Clementine did join the New Frontier, as her previously-revealed mark had already told us, but she tells you that she had to because she had nowhere else to go. The New Frontier promised they’d help AJ, but apparently that turned out to be a lie. Players then get to play through a snippet of the game where Clementine is searching for medicine and has to sneak through a New Frontier camp.

After moving into cover by the medicine box, AJ starts crying. Clem manages to calm him down and begins searching through the box for the medication she needs. Unfortunately, the doctor sleeping right behind her wakes up and tells you not to waste the Vancomycin on AJ. Apparently, he’d already told Clementine that the medicine wouldn’t be able to help AJ and that by using it on him, she’d only be depriving someone of it that could actually benefit. He tells Clem to put the drugs back before they find out.

At this point, the player has the option to inject AJ with the shot anyway, or to put the medication back. We gave him the medication and were soon swarmed by New Frontier members thanks to AJ’s piercing cry from the needle. David asks why Clem gave AJ the shot when the doctor had already said it wouldn’t help, and tells her she’s banished for stealing from the New Frontier. What Clementine perhaps wasn’t expecting, however, was that they’d take AJ and keep him themselves, before banishing her into the wild on her own.

Skip forward a little more in episode three and David and Clementine eventually have a conversation regarding AJ. Clementine asks if he suffered and David tells her that he didn’t, mainly because he didn’t have to worry about it because AJ lived. He apparently bounced back and was far stronger than any of them anticipated. Upon hearing this news, Clementine originally thinks that David is lying, but after he tells her that the doctor will know his whereabouts within Richmond, she vows to return there and track him down.


In episode four, players saw Clem and Lingard finally come face to face. Unfortunately, she and Javi stumble upon the doctor when he’s trying to take his own life. Lingard tells her that he knows where AJ is, and he’ll tell her if you put him out of his misery.

Alternatively, if you choose not to help put the doctor down, in episode five, he’ll end up telling Clementine once Richmond has been saved from the herd. He lets her know that AJ is now at McCarroll Ranch not too far from Richmond. At the end of episode five of A New Frontier, we see Clementine embarking on her journey to find the ranch and finally be reunited with AJ. We don’t get to see the two reunited, but we are told that Clementine’s adventure will continue. Looks like we’ll have to wait for another series for Clem and AJ to be reunited.

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