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The PS3 is Ending Production in Japan Soon

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The PS3 is Ending Production in Japan Soon

End of an era.

The Sony PS3 console was launched back in 2006, and it’s had a pretty good run. The console was the first to introduce video games being presented in the Blu-Ray disc format, and it’s also the first Sony console to finally gift us with wireless controllers. However, as you might’ve expected, the console will soon be discontinued in Japan. According to the official Japanese PlayStation site, the PS3 is listed with a note stating that production on the console will be ending soon.

There was no firm date on when exactly production will end, but it’ll certainly be within this year. The PS3 was home for a number of memorable games including Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot, Final Fantasy XIII, and of course, the Uncharted franchise from Naughty Dog. Even as the PS3 gets phased out, you’ll probably still be able to pick up a second-hand unit at retail stores. Alternatively, you could pick up a new one now before it’s completely discontinued.

What were some of your favorite games on the PS3? Let us know in the comments down below.

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