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The Best Game of February 2017


The Best Game of February 2017

Which game reigned supreme last month?

The Best Games of February 2017

for honor

Honorable Mention: For Honor

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Starting with a couple of honorable mentions, check out the Twinfinite’s Staff picks for our best games for February 2017 which includes of course, our Game of the Month!

Assistant Editor Hayes Madsen: For Honor isn’t something you see too often, a brand new IP from a big-name publisher that tries something bold and new, and luckily it succeeds much more than it fails. Visceral close-quarters combat is the name of the game in For Honor, letting players pick from a handful of classes, who each have specific skills, advantages, and weaknesses.

The game is set in a sort of pseudo-Earth where three factions of ancient warriors are locked in war; Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. This “Faction War” sets the stage for the multiplayer of the game, while a single-player mode tells the story of how the nations came to be at war. The story mode is surprisingly robust with some fun characters, and an action movie vibe. Of course, multiplayer is where For Honor’s core combat really shines.

The title is easy enough to start playing, but quickly shows the dedication you’ll need to master it. For Honor mixes the complexity and combo system of a fighting game, with a third person hack-and-slash brawler. Battles are visceral and require every bit of concentration and skill you have to beat another player. There are four different multiplayer modes with some that support up to eight players total. Although, one-on-one duels are where the systems of For Honor work the best.

Balancing and connectivity issues hold it back a bit at the moment, but nonetheless For Honor is a surprisingly brutal, engaging, and varied experience. It’s a game that requires effort from the player, challenging you at every turn to master a character or learn how to counter another. You’ll need to sink some time in to truly grasp all of the systems at play, but once you do, it can be incredibly satisfying.

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