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The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses, Ranked


The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses, Ranked


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9. Dragon God – Demon’s Souls

The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses Ranked

Dark Souls

For a boss named Dragon God, one would think that this fight is going to be filled with epic and cheer-worthy moments. Well, you’d be wrong. Your weapons do literally nothing to this giant mythical beast and you’re forced to try and activate a handful of ballistas scattered about the wall. Even though this is thematic for the boss itself, its actual mechanics undermine the enjoyment of this fight.

Gimmick battles rarely work in the Soulsborne series, and Dragon God is no exception to this rule. After all, your entire fight is just baiting this reptile into attacking the rubble so you can reach the designated area. Well, at least the cutscenes are cool, right?

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