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The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses, Ranked


The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses, Ranked


10. Celestial Emissaries – Bloodborne

The 10 Worst Soulsborne Bosses Ranked


Author’s Note: For this ranking, we factored in everything from difficulty to design to the actual gameplay mechanics of the fight. While lore is important, we did not weigh it nearly as heavily as the other areas.

While Bloodborne perhaps has some of the best bosses in the entire series, it also gave players the Celestial Emissaries and Living Failures. We decided on the little blue guys for the number 10 spot, as they barely put up a fight and output a very small amount of damage. Mob bosses have always been fairly disappointing since the player usually can just decimate everyone in front of them with no issue.

Even when the fight shifts to phase two and the main Emissary enlarges, this only makes the encounter easier since you won’t lose your target in a crowd. They lack a real diverse pool of attacks and any observant player can easily go through this entire fight without being hit. Bonus points if you hit the main enemy with a Shaman Bone Blade and make all of its friends hostile so they do the work for you.

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