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Steven Universe: Save the Light Coming to Consoles This Summer, New Trailer Revealed

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Steven Universe: Save the Light Coming to Consoles This Summer, New Trailer Revealed

Steven will have to upgrade from his GameCube.

Video game developer Grumpyface Studios has announced Steven and the Crystal Gems are getting their first even console game titled, Steven Universe: Save the Light.

The original RPG will release sometime this summer, and is being created in partnership with Cartoon Network, Grumpyface Studios, and show cretaor Rebecca Sugar, who has co-written an original story for the game.

Featuring 3D environments, eight playable characters you can choose between for a four-character customizable team, and turn-based combat, Steven Universe: Save the Light is a direct sequel to 2015 turn-based, RPG mobile title Steven Universe: Attack the Light.

Cartoon Network has not yet specifically stated what consoles it will be released on, however it has been confirmed for PS4 thanks to a PlayStation Blog post.

Steven universe, save the light, consoles

The blog post goes on to briefly describe the story, stating, “Save The Light begins when a mysterious warrior arrives in Beach City and steals a powerful weapon, and then it’s up to the Crystal Gems to embark on the magical mission to end all magical missions. Steven and the Gems must travel far beyond Beach City, battle an army of creepy creatures, and stop a no-good Prism-snatcher in order to Save the Light!”

A new trailer for Steven Universe: Save the Light was also shown off at PAX East 2017 today. Thanks to IGN, you can check out a first-look at gameplay and some words from Rebecca Sugar herself below.

Both Attack the Light and Save the Light are developed by Grumpyface Studios and published by Cartoon Network. It was just last year that another, pixelated Steven Universe titled was cancelled, so it’s nice to see a new one confirmed and ready to be released later this year.


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