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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Sets Release Date in New Trailer


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Sets Release Date in New Trailer

Coming soon on consoles and PC.

Almost three years ago a Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom launched a Kickstarter campaign which succeeded pretty quickly; it’s finally been given a release date for April 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game is being developed by a French studio, Enigami, and it takes its inspiration – at least visually – from Level-5. Its vibrant cel-shaded style splashes over a cast of anthropomorphic animals, as they embark on an RPG adventure on board a flying ship.

It’s easy to see the influence of games like Ni no Kuni and Yo-Kai Watch in the game’s bright, colorful style. Players will take on the role of a dog called Chado, and you’ll be able to level him up as well as his four companions during the adventure.

Enigami has said that the game is going to be around 20 hours long, which for an RPG is short, but bearing in mind it’s coming from a small independent studio.

Around $140k was raised on Kickstarter initially before Focus Home Interactive – a publisher that’s used to lapping up independent projects, most recently shepherding Vampyr for Dontnod Entertainment.

If you’re interested, you can save 15% on the game by pre-ordering from Steam.

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