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PSA: Don’t Put Customizable Skins on Your Nintendo Switch

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PSA: Don’t Put Customizable Skins on Your Nintendo Switch

Warning: Too cool for school also it peels.

According to a post made on Reddit by the customizable skin company, dbrand, users should not put any vinyl skins or wraps on the new Nintendo Switch. The company’s post even went as far to say that, “under no circumstances” should they do so.

Turns out that the Switch and the Joy-Cons are either coated or designed in a way that doesn’t work well with adhesive. The company had received the console just a few days ago, and had begun to test products on it. They started to notice that the outer skin was peeling on the Joy-Con, and when they questioned Nintendo about it was told they didn’t have the final product, but dbrand assumed that meant software and not the hardware. When testing a retail version of the Joy-Cons, they had also noticed the peeling again and decided they could not sell skins for the controllers.

When they tried testing the pre-sale version of the console, they had also ran into problems and decided they should wait until the product was officially for sale. They went and bought ten units to test out, making sure it wasn’t an isolated event, which turns out it wasn’t. The company is refunding anyone who bought a skin for the Nintendo Switch and for the Joy-Cons.


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