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Let’s All Appreciate Prince Sidon’s Unwavering Positivity in Breath of the Wild


Let’s All Appreciate Prince Sidon’s Unwavering Positivity in Breath of the Wild

All hail the Fish Prince of positivity.

How exactly does Nintendo take a hammerhead shark and make it the brightest beam of pure sunshiny positivity ever seen in a Zelda game? Prince Sidon, that’s how.

So when you first meet Prince Sidon, a feeling of “why is this extremely attractive shark/hybrid man talking to me” rushes over you. Not only he is like 1000 feet tall and gleaming with ocean water on his overly toned bod (product of a lifetime of swimming), he’s the Prince of the Zora people. No way is he going to be nice to you, I mean look at him.

This Fish Prince could be a total jerk, but instead he’s the most genuinely nice person you have probably ever come across in a video game. He radiates positivity, and takes every opportunity to tell Link how much he believes in him over, and over, and over.

There is absolutely no reason for him to be this nice to Link. Even with his people suffering at the hands of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, he maintains a cheerful attitude and provides Link with emotional support that is akin to a Mother sending her son off to school on his first day.

Not only does Prince Sidon have a fan-club in the game (with an official fan-girl and everything), his enthusiastic and helpful personality has made him extremely popular online. Some would even think he has transcended mere online popularity into memehood with a Know Your Meme page and everything. Examples include:

Prince Sidon, meme

prince Sidon, meme

prince Sidon, meme

And we can’t forget the fan-art, which has been pouring out insanely fast considering the game only came out a week and a half ago.

Prince Sidon’s classic fist-raise, tooth-twinkle animation seems to be a favorite amongst fan-artists.

And in case you were wondering what Prince Sidon would look like as a human, here you go.

All in all, we should all be grateful to have such a positive Fish Prince such as Sidon in our lives. He’s a fitness trainer, supportive Boyfriend, and royal role model all rolled into one. What did we do to deserve you?

Prince Sidon, breath of the wild

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